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Hire Information

Our truck mounted cherry picker hire includes an operator and fuel. Our Hinowa 17.75 tracked platform can be hired on self-drive hire subject to conditions.

To make a booking, please first read through the following hire information. You are welcome to e-mail us or submit your booking request using the form at the bottom of this page.  Please allow up to 24 hours for your request to be processed  

For urgent enquiries, please contact us on 0203 633 3807

  • The requested platform has slightly more working height and outreach than your needs and the basket dimensions and load capacity are suitable for the job for workers, tools and materials
  • Appropriate pedestrian/traffic-management and parking dispensations are in place if working on a public highway or public footpath – applications for permits are NOT included as part of our service
  • The entrance to the working area/site can accommodate the requested platform
  • Minimum access dimensions required to the area and to where the platform will be set up are as follows: 
  • Hinowa 17.75 Tracked Platform – When stowed away and in travelling mode please allow for a minimum width of 0.9 metres and 2.05-metres in height. Please make sure the ground is fairly level with no tight bends if travelling down a narrow alleyway/pathway. Set Up Area Dimensions  Please allow 3.2 metres width for the outriggers, and 5 metres for the length of the unit
  • CTE ZED 20 and 23 – When stowed away and in travelling mode please allow for 2.1-metres in width and 2.9-metres in height. Set up Dimensions – Please allow 3.2-metres width for outriggers and 6.9-metres for the length of the unit
  • Ruthmann T330 – When stowed away and in travelling mode please allow for 2.7-metres in width and 3.7-metres in heightSet up Dimensions – Please allow 2.7 to 4-metres in width if narrow jacked, one side jacked or when all four jacks are out and 10-metres for the length of the unit

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